Urag Volkhir



Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian
Sexuality: Straight
Dick Size: 7 inches
Languages Spoke: Orcish and Common (English
Hit Points: 20
Weapon(s): Morning Star
Armor: Half-Plate + Shield
Strength: 20


At a young age, about 8 or 9, Urag was sold to the salt mines and began working there for about the next fourteen years. During his time as a slave he was whipped and whipped, 10 times a day, for simply talking or not working as fast. He began seeking religion out, something to speak to, something to vent out on. He began speaking worshipping numerous deities, the evil deities or in his case, the good and true gods. The gods he worshipped were Gruumsh (God of Orcs) , Ghaunadaur (God of Abominations) , and Talos (The Storm Lord). He began to constantly pray to them, ditching work to even pray to his Lords. One day Urag was found praying to the gods he began to know dearly and was then strapped to a wooden post and flogged. He prayed to his gods that the slave drivers would be tortured in the nine pits of hell for eternity, but the gods did nothing. This began Urag’s hatred and rejection of religion. After he was flogged, a few of his fellow slaves began to devise a plan to escape the island that they were upon. When dusk came, the men would swim across the narrow sea that was beside the island that they were upon, get upon the coast, and begin their new lives as “free” men. The next night the plan was set out and the men began their journey across the sea. They then reached the shore, slowly climbing on the beach. They had nothing in their mindsets, they seemly got on the shore and parted ways. Thus, Urag’s journey began.

Urag Volkhir

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