The Isle of Labryinthia

Unbound, Unbroken, Unbinding.

Now that the party has elected a new leader (After the death of Dimble), they decide to attempt to locate exactly where Vrey is. Sion leads the party to the kingdom of Colme to return a few jewels found in a sewer earlier. The town unfortunately was cursed with a plague, luckily our heroes cured it with some minor complications. Sion then returned the jewels to the princess somehow this leads to the marriage with said princess.. After being distracted in the Colme for 3 months Vrey attacks the city with his army of undead warriors. Luckily with the help of the heroes Vrey’s army is defeated (largely because of Seana) and the city is restored. Some how during the battle the Queen was assassinated, leaving Sion heir to the throne. King Sion and his party now set off for there long journey to find Vrey.

The Ningel Faimly Amulet
The Amulet

The adventuring party arrived in Sharne and after getting acquainted ventured out for Dimble’s family amulet. They have just arrived to a Dwarvin ruin were Dimble believes that his amulet lies. Meeting more party members they fought a Lich name Vrey and an Angel named Juth, Dimble turned out to be a traitor and Juth slayed him.


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