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  • The Ningel Faimly Amulet

    The adventuring party arrived in Sharne and after getting acquainted ventured out for Dimble's family amulet. They have just arrived to a Dwarvin ruin were Dimble believes that his amulet lies. Meeting more party members they fought a Lich name Vrey and …

  • Unbound and Unbroken

    Now that the party has elected a new leader (After the death of Dimble), they decide to attempt to locate exactly where Vrey is. Sion leads the party to the kingdom of Colme to return a few jewels found in a sewer earlier. The town unfortunately was …

  • Home Page

    Welcome to Labryinthia This campaign will likely span the course of a few months so you all should be prepared for the times ahead. Feel free to look up on any information regarding this campaign, and don't forget have fun!

  • Main Page

    Welcome to the Wiki page [[Home Page | Home Page]] [[The Ningel Faimly Amulet | The Ningel Faimly Amulet]] [[:dimble-lute-ningel | Dimble "Lute" Ningel]] [[:bran-toflac | Bran Toflac]] [[:quintus-septimus | Quintus Septimus]] [[:sion-typhe | Sion …

  • Dimble "Lute" Ningel

    Mr. Dimble Ningel was born into a prestigious Gnome family of engineers expecting he'd continue the family line. However Dimble had an abnormal interest in music, his father not looking very kindly upon Dimble's new interest and removed him from the …

  • Quintus Septimus

    A Drow Elf mage who worked for the city's official medicine department but lost his license due to some, "Test subjects" found in the back of his office.

  • Urag Volkhir

    At a young age, about 8 or 9, Urag was sold to the salt mines and began working there for about the next fourteen years. During his time as a slave he was whipped and whipped, 10 times a day, for simply talking or not working as fast. He began seeking …

  • Sion Typhe

    Sion Typhe is a half-elf born into a mediocre family labeled as a kid genius by the Elvish government he started working as a diplomat to gain money for his family. Around the age of 12 he began his career and around the age of 13 both of his parents died …

  • Vrey Neurn

    Vrey Neurn is a lich, more or less. He considers himself human even though his body remains in the celestial plane. Vrey Neurn is an EXTREMLY POWERFUL Lich that is not to be trusted or even to have a conversation with.

  • Juth

    A mysterious Angel that it is bent on getting rid of Vrey.

  • Seana Veni

    A Druid who got lost in the Locke stronghold and joined the adventuring party.

  • Pete

    Pete is a Kobold who joined the party unintentionally.

  • Wynnter Shadowmoon

    Born in the river Village of Coffe. Wynnter Shadowmoon is humble, dedicated, gentle and perhaps a little too selfish. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with her position. She was born into a well off merchant family and she lived out of …

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